Monday, May 21, 2012


The first question that most customers ask starts off with: "Can you..." The answer is almost always "yes". Whether the question is "Can you fix the power button on an iPhone?" or "Can you repair a smart phone that fell in the pool?" the answer is "yes". First Class Cellular Repair is in the "fix it business". That is what we do. Certainly, the most common problem with an iPhone or iPad is a cracked screen. However, we see it all daily.

"Have you ever fixed a smart phone that was run over by a tractor combine?" - Yes. "Have you ever repaired an iPhone that had a Coke spilled onto it?" - Yes. "Have you replaced the battery on a Droid?" - Yes. "Can you help me sync my iPhone to my iTunes account?" - Yes.  We are here to help.  Our technicians see a multitude of issues on any given day.  These experiences allow them to be proficient in solving the most complex repairs.  Additionally, they can talk to each other and work through something if it is truly unique.

So, "Can you...?"  Feel free to keep asking but know that the answer is going to almost always be a resounding "Yes!"

Friday, May 18, 2012


Every Friday our business gives something back to the customer.  Common prizes include a free OtterBox, gift certificates to a restaurant and even iPads.  We have also done half-price repairs on iPhones before.  The point of Facebook Friday is to show appreciation for all of our customers.  You are the reason that we exist.

All you need to do to participate is pay attention to our First Class Cellular Repair Facebook page.  The link is  Each Friday we will post a code word on our wall and the first person that walks through the door and mentions the code word is the winner.  It's that simple.  One time we had a person that was out of state call their friend that was near our store and the two of them split the prize.  You could be our next winner.

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Smart Device Repair Center Opens

Second Location in Central Arkansas

(Little Rock, Arkansas) – First Class Cellular Repair (FCCR) is opening its second location in Central Arkansas. This store will serve walk-in customers in the Little Rock metropolitan area and also handle corporate clients statewide. The store address is 13000 Chenal Parkway, Suite 112 in Little Rock. It is in the same strip center as Five Guys hamburgers. The first FCCR location opened in Conway, Arkansas in June, 2010.

“This business serves the growing need to fix iPhones and all smart devices,” said Pat O’Brien, one of the partners in FCCR, “We provide a convenient and high quality repair experience for our customers.” FCCR fixes all brands of smart phones, tablets and devices such as iPods. The range of repairs include: cracked screens, water/liquid damage, weak batteries and a host of other issues. “Most people are shocked to find out we can fix a phone that was dropped in the swimming pool,” said O’Brien.

First Class Cellular Repair was the brainchild of Jonathan Motl. Mr. Motl has worked in the cellular phone business since his teenage years. In 2010, he convinced Little Rock businessmen James Barnes and Jimmy Batcheller to open up a full-service repair center in Conway at 2501 Dave Ward in the Nutter’s Chapel Shopping Center. “We started slow but once our reputation for high quality repairs penetrated the market we have seen significant sales increases,” said Motl, who is a partner and acts as the operations manager for the business.

FCCR would like to expand this business model to the rest of Arkansas and beyond. However, taking care of customers is the first priority. “Our existing satisfied customers are driving our current growth,” said O’Brien, “We will grow as the demand grows.”

For more information about FCCR, please visit our website at

Little Rock, Arkansas

North Little Rock, Arkansas