Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow, Ice and Quality Used Phones

The last two weeks have not been fun. Every other day we were making the decision of whether our employees could safely travel to our stores. Thankfully, none of our repair techs had any issues to and from work. And, we stayed open for most of the weather events. We are proud of this fact.

In the midst of all the snow and ice, we also stumbled upon a large inventory of quality used phones and tablets. We have now tested all these devices and they are currently up for sale. If you are looking for an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s we have one for you to buy. We also have several iPads for sale. Just call one of our stores to ask about specifics.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Best iPhone Repair in Little Rock, Arkansas

It's a boastful claim to say you have the best iPhone repair in Little Rock. To make that claim, you are really saying you can fix anything that is broken with an iPhone (e.g. cracked screen, charge port, battery issues, water damage, etc.). You are saying that you have fast and friendly service, a great warranty and the highest quality ratings on the internet. You are also saying that you can fix more than just iPhones (e.g. Samsung, HTC, iPads, tablets, etc.) and that you are providing the best value in Arkansas whether you live in Conway, North Little Rock, Hot Springs or parts in between.

And, yes, we truly believe FCCRepair provides the best iPhone repair services in Little Rock. Why? Well, today was an example. We had a customer that came into our North Little Rock store with a water damaged iPhone 6. The customer had already been told by someone else that the iPhone simply needed a new screen and it would be fine. But, after we diagnosed it, we decided that was not the case. The water damage was too severe because the phone was left on and the electricity fried the logic board. The iPhone was unfixable.

We told the customer not to put on a new screen because ultimately the repair wouldn't work. They would not be satisfied in the long run. We even pulled out our microscope and showed her what the damage looked like. So, the moral of the story? We could have made a quick buck and done a $200 repair to the iPhone 6 screen. But, that would have been short-sighted. We made the best decision available even though it meant we didn't make any money. Make the best decision - that is all you can ever do in life. And, that is why we truly believe we have the best iPhone repair service in Little Rock.

Little Rock, Arkansas

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