Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Expanding in Central Arkansas

Three years ago when we started First Class Cellular Repair in Conway, Arkansas we had a dream.  The dream was to become the premier iPhone and smart device repair center in Central Arkansas.  After serving thousand of customers, we believe that this dream is coming true.  Because of this, we have decided to open up a third location.

We will be announcing our new location in the coming weeks.  We can tell you that this repair store will be much more convenient for our customers that live in places like Lonoke, Jacksonville, Cabot and Searcy.  You won't have to drive "all the way out to West Little Rock" any more.  We can assure you that our new location will have the same high standards of professionalism that our stores in Chenal and Conway have.  We believe is satisfying one customer at a time.

And, we'll have another store doing Facebook Fridays!  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where Did I Leave My iPhone?

Unfortunately, this post is inspired by a friend that recently lost her iPhone. She did not have the "Find My iPhone" setting turned on in her phone. She left the iPhone in a cab and no one responded when she called her number. At this point, the iPhone is lost.  It did not have to be this way. Turning on the iPhone locator function is pretty easy. Here are the steps:

First, click on the "Settings" icon on the home screen;

Second, click on the "iCloud" bar;

Third, scroll down to the "Find My iPhone" bar.  Switch it "on".

Those three steps turn the app on.  If you lose your iPhone somewhere, this will work as long as the device is powered on and in an area with cellular service or WiFi.  It won't work if the battery has died or if a thief turns it off - so act fast.

Now, go to the website and sign in to the site with your Apple ID and password. Click on "Find My iPhone" and a map will appear showing where your device is currently located. The rest is easy. Just track down your device from here.

The key is making sure that the "Find My iPhone" setting is turned on. Everything flows from that. If you have problems locating the iPhone later please feel free to call us at (501) 420-2273. It's a horrible feeling to know that someone else is in possession of all your data, pictures, contacts, etc.  Please don't be a victim.  Check your settings right now.

Little Rock, Arkansas

North Little Rock, Arkansas