Friday, October 19, 2012

"Fix my iPhone...but don't take it away from me..."

I traveled from Little Rock to Fayetteville last weekend to watch the Razorbacks dismantle the Kentucky Wildcats football team.  One of my friends, who shall remain nameless, had dropped her iPhone during a rain storm the day before the game.  The phone had gotten wet for about an hour.  It was starting to show the classic signs of liquid damage one day later.  I told her that First Class Cellular Repair would fix the liquid damage and the iPhone would work great after that.  She would even get the "Friends and Family" discount so this would be a painless and very affordable endeavor.  There was just one hitch - I actually needed her to hand me the iPhone.

Before the game we talked about the corrosion that was happening inside of her iPhone.  I explained how even though the iPhone was now dry that did not stop the corrosion of the logic board.  I told her there was a cancer growing inside her iPhone and that it would eventually just die one day in the future.  She listened intently to me while at the same time sending out texts and updating her Facebook status.  I asked several times for her to hand me the phone so I could have it in my possession.  She responded: "I'll just give it to you after the game".

Well, after the game she was gone.  I never got the iPhone.  She didn't want to let it out of her sight for a couple of days.  I told her we could take out her SIM card and put it on another iPhone in the interim.  She had seemed unsure and then was nowhere to be found after the game.  In short, she could not do without her iPhone for two days.  It wasn't gonna happen.  The sad part is the iPhone will get worse until it just dies one day.  At that point, we'll have to take the iPhone away but it will probably be way too late at that point to fix.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We held our First Annual Customer Appreciation Day at our Little Rock store last Friday.  We were busy from the time the doors opened until they closed.  We offered half-price on Apple product repairs.  We fixed dozens of broken iPhone screens.  And, we were quick.  Most of our repairs were completed within 30 minutes of the customer walking through the door.

Do you really want to be without your phone overnight?  What if you get a text about a party your friend is having?  What if the lottery commission decides to give you some money?  What about checking your Facebook status twice an hour?  You don't want to let that phone out of your sight too long!  Therefore, we offer you same day service on almost all repairs.  In fact, for a standard broken iPhone screen repair we can get this done within the same hour you drop it off.

We understand your schedule is busy.  We want to repair your Droid, iPhone or other product quickly and we do it right the first time.  We cannot guarantee that we won't have a lobby full of customers when you walk in, but we can guarantee that we'll work our tails off to help you out quickly...many times within an hour.

Little Rock, Arkansas

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