Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Wet Dog Days of August

A friend inspired this blog post about water damaged phones. His iPhone 6 took a "tragic dip in the swimming pool" this past Sunday. He sent me a Facebook message asking: "Do you guys just fix cracked phone screens or can you also repair a wet phone?" Me: "Yes, we fix about a dozen of those every day in the Summer."  Bring it by as soon as possible.

There is nothing special about my friend's communication. In fact, it happens a lot in the Summer months when people are around pools and lakes. Arkansas has a lot of each. After four years of fixing water damaged phones I had hoped that all of my friend's already knew we can help them but I guess the marketing never stops - even with people you know well.

Yes, we can and do fix wet phones every day. We do it a lot more in the Summer and we do it most of all during the month of August when people are trying to stretch out those final days before school starts again and the weather gets cooler. We fix liquid damaged phones. Please try and bring them to us right away - same day if possible. And, please spread the word to all my friends that haven't heard yet.

Little Rock, Arkansas

North Little Rock, Arkansas