Friday, July 5, 2013

Something Simple

Something Simple

One of our customers in Jacksonville had an iPhone that he left laying in the sand while he was on vacation recently. He didn't get the phone wet. There is no liquid damage to fix. But, the phone has not been charging properly. It's pretty simple. We just needed to clean out the charge port. All we do is open the phone and use a special brush to clean it out really well. It only takes us a couple of minutes. Then, the phone is good as new.

If there is something that simple we probably won't even charge you. This is assuming it is not necessary to replace a part. Mainly, we just want to see your device to make sure that it is not something more difficult (e.g. water damage, bent charge port, etc.). Your time is valuable so we want to get you back in business.

There are no dumb questions in our business. Any issue with your phone is important. Maybe it's something simple to fix BUT maybe it's a big deal - and that is why we don't mind you dropping by to let us take a look. Better safe than sorry!

Little Rock, Arkansas

North Little Rock, Arkansas