Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Been a Quick Three Years

It feels like just yesterday that we opened up our first store in Conway, Arkansas fixing cracked iPhone screens and saving liquid damaged phones. And, that was about it in the first few months. We did not even fix iPad's back in the day (now we do them all day long). We did not know if the business model would work and it took time to figure out how to fix charge ports, non-Apple products and pretty much everything else. But, learn we did. Now, we have a staff of a dozen people working at three locations serving customers every day.

The Conway location opened in June, 2010. The West Little Rock store opened in May, 2012 and the new North Little Rock location opened one month ago. In between, it has been our pleasure to serve the customers of Central Arkansas (and beyond) whenever they had a cracked screen or just a random question about how their phone works. We even conduct an iPhone class from time to time.

A lot has happened in the world in the last three years. We're just a small but very proud part of it all. Thanks!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Avoid the Wet Stuff

It is the time of year to get out and enjoy the warm weather. It is time to hit the lake, the pool or at least use the garden hose to splash some water around. However, it is not the time to get your phone wet and sustain liquid damage. Unfortunately, that happens quite a bit this time of year in Central Arkansas as people come back from Hot Springs on the weekend with a phone that is dead - or close to it.

So, just a reminder on some helpful tips to get you through if your iPhone or Droid gets wet:

1) Turn it off and remove the battery if you can;
2) If you cannot bring the phone directly to a repair center, then place it under a fan during the interim;
3) Do NOT bother placing the phone in dry rice because it does not stop the corrosion and the rice might get stuck in some of the opening areas;
4) Do NOT place the phone under heat such as a hair dryer, oven or in the sunlight - you will only do more damage;
5) Get the phone to a repair center for a professional treatment.

These are the best steps you can take to save all the data and pictures you have on your phone that might not be backed up. (Of course, we hope you backed them up before the phone got wet). We have three convenient locations in Central Arkansas: Little Rock, Conway and North Little Rock. We'll help you out but you first need to help yourself out and follow the steps above. If you get a liquid-damaged device to us within 72 hours we have an 85% recovery rate.

Enjoy this time of year but be armed with the knowledge that can keep your phone safe.

Little Rock, Arkansas

North Little Rock, Arkansas