Monday, April 27, 2015

The Re-Break Guarantee

FCCRepair is always trying to listen to our customers and do what is in their best interests. During the last five years of fixing cracked iPhone screens (and many other repairs) we have noticed that some people get their broken screen repaired and then they break it again two months later. That is no fun. In the past, we often times just decided to give the customer a price break since we had just recently fixed their device (could be an iPad, Samsung, etc.). So, now, we have decided to make this informal policy a formal policy.

FCCRepair is very happy to announce: "For most items, if you break your device again within six months of having it repaired with FCCRepair, we will give you an automatic 25% discount from the original repair price."

You can find the full policy at We want to always evolve and do what is in the best interests of the customer. This Re-Break Guarantee is valid at any of our stores in North Little Rock, Conway or West Little Rock.


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